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Todd & Estelle Roberts


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Just a few clicks and purchase (donate) one or more items from our Wish List helps us out tremendously to keep saving animal lives. You pay for your selected items from our list, and Amazon does the rest! It is effortless and secure. How easy is that? Yes, we thought of everything!

About our Administrators:


We are Todd and Estelle Roberts. We love animals naturally and feel compelled to "help whenever we can." For my husband, It all started with rescuing that first stray dog, then the second and third, etc. Me, I've always been drawn to animals of all kinds. Family, friends, and neighbors always brought the injured, lost, or abandoned to me. After moving back "HOME" to the country due to devastating family circumstances. I was in constant prayer for a purpose. 

Isn't it amazing how God works? It took one tiny Hummingbird for me. Yes, that is how he spoke to us. One Spring day, "Angel," our sweet German Shepard (a rescue), worked persistently to draw my husband's attention. To his surprise, a tiny, helpless little Hummingbird had tangled himself in a spider web and fallen to the concrete floor in his workshop, breaking his wing. He scooped up this little one and brought it straight to me after completing all to ensure security. I researched the nearest Avian Rescue. I traveled almost an hour to reach the rehabber/ donated money for its care and hoped for the best.

Three weeks later, I received a call, hearing the sweetest news. The lady rehabber exclaimed, "She's flying." I was ecstatic!!! She explained that Hummingbirds needed to be released back in the same area for their winter flight path and asked if she could come to my home for the release.

As you can guess, she arrived, and we videoed the exciting release. I knew that this feeling of purpose was my sign. It was meant to be. It gave me JOY!!! I have been taking care of animals all my life, but now I want to be part of something more official. So, two years later 'we have obtained our license with the state of Mississippi and hope to encourage others to join us in any way they feel led. 

About Our Group:

We are a group of 100% volunteers working out of our homes who love wildlife unconditionally. We focus only on MAMMALS in our group. There are other groups if you enjoy more with the Avian species more.

Some of our volunteers have 25-28 years of experience working with wildlife rehabilitation and are always willing to help with any questions or assistance. There are numerous mammal species in our area, and each one requires specific rehabilitation needs. One-on-one training and written materials will be supplied for your training. 

We rely entirely on donations to rehabilitate our wildlife babies or injured adults. The hours can be long, the work can get dirty, and the heartbreak can come instantly. There is NO pay, but without us, these helpless, hopeless creatures of God have no one else to turn to. The reward is priceless!! It's definitely "A CALLING."

So, if this speaks to you, please visit our volunteer page to find out how you can make a difference.​


Todd & Estelle Roberts


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