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Our Reviews Speak Volumes. See For Yourself!
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Pamela P.

"This morning, I found a dead possum in our yard that Blue had killed. After calling around all morning trying to find someone to take them, I was put in contact with Mrs. Estelle Roberts. She is a local Rehabilitation specialist. She needs foster parents and donations to be able to keep doing what she is doing. So please, if you are able- donate to this organization."


Shanda L.

"Mrs. Estelle was wonderful! She took the baby raccoons with open arms. I was so scared for the smallest kit, but she took to Mrs. Estelle's feeding with no problems. My mind is at peace knowing I found someone like her to care for them. I know those babies will be loved and be well taken care of."


Anna F.

"Took three babies this morning, after they'd been orphaned! Estelle answered the phone right away and immediately had a place for these little ones. So thankful!"


Lyndsey S.

"Estelle and Amy are aboslute angels! I felt completely supported from the moment I contacted them! I am beyond thankful for their help with baby squirrel "Snow" and for their faithful dedication to our precious wildlife animals. 


Forever a fan of Wild Again in Mississippi, Rescue and Rehabilitation"

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